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Hello again, friends! You ask why I breathe like a dog and look around? I was running from my dog! Phew, barely escaped. And this is a new topic for conversation today.
The topic is serious, and, as always, there is more than one reason for the dog’s aggression towards the owner. Let’s take a look at them. There are several theories supported by scientific research that will allow us to understand this problem.

To begin with, answer the question for yourself – do you often scold a puppy, punish him, shout, God forbid, beat him? If such negative actions take place in your relationship, you should reconsider your behavior, and as soon as possible. Otherwise, the manifestation of aggression towards you from the side of the dog will remain and be fixed in its mind. When the puppy grows up, this will become a very big problem, and it will be either very difficult or impossible to solve it. The fact is that by showing aggression towards the owner in this case, the puppy defends itself. There may be other factors that cause the puppy to associate you with danger. In this case, you should look for signs to determine what causes fear and eliminate them. Well, if the behavior of the puppy is not connected with the above, then we will consider other reasons.

Now imagine – you are small and walking with your mother in the park. There are many children around, shady paths, swings, slides, etc. How you want to run, jump, meet other children. But your mom won’t let you. Already understood, right? The lack of physical activity, communication and active games with other children will cause you to have a negative attitude towards your mother, who forbids you all this. The same situation can be with your pet. And aggressive behavior towards you, in this case, is caused by his internal protest against your prohibitions. After all, a dog by nature is very active, quite social. She just needs to communicate with her own kind, with strangers, get physical activity. In this case, it is worth giving the puppy more freedom in this regard.

And, as an option, your friend has a health problem. This may not be noticeable at the beginning of the disease, but it manifests itself in aggression. When we are in pain, we feel bad – we are irritated, we can react unrestrainedly to the appeal of others to us. In dogs, this can also affect their behavior. If the above about swearing, not exercising and interacting with your own kind does not apply to your puppy, take him to the veterinarian. An experienced specialist will detect the disease at an early stage and quickly be able to help the dog. Both you and your pet will be happy.

In conclusion, following my advice based on scientific evidence and research will help you identify the cause of your dog’s aggression and eliminate it as soon as possible. Be patient, observant and understanding and you will spend more happy moments with your toothy furry friend.
See you again. Love dogs!

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