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Hello dear dog and poop lovers! Yes, yes – you have to love and watch! Like me today, seeing that my dog’s poop suddenly turned black. At first I was scared, but, remembering the science, I decided that I should first understand this issue. And, although this topic is not tasty, I invite you to participate in the study of this issue. So why, all of a sudden, did the poop turn black?

Do not immediately panic and run to the vet. The reason, the simplest one, is your puppy’s food. The dog ate, drank water and went to lie down. Food entered the stomach and began to be digested first there, then in the small intestine, the remnants of digestion move into the large intestine and the remaining useful elements and, especially, water are absorbed in it. Now only feces remained in the large intestine, which turned black. Why? Because bile was involved in digestion, helping to break down fat into fatty acids, which, when absorbed into the body, give the dog energy and nutrition. So for now, it’s all good and you’ve saved your fatty acids by not wasting them on a run to the vet.

Alternatively, there may be another reason – what did your friend nibble while you were not at home? Puppies are very curious and explore the world around them not only by looking around, smelling and listening, but also tasting it. And there is also a period in life when teeth erupt, everything itches so much that the puppy gnaws everything. He got a piece of coal or a burnt stick – that’s black excrement! We are what we eat. Or some medicines, vitamins that you give him can also change the color of the stool to a darker one.

Since you are an attentive and caring host and friend, you may have noticed that there was no change with food or medicine, and the feces suddenly darkened. Now it’s time to worry about going to the vet, as black poop could be the result of a health problem. The cause may be a blockage, infection, inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, the blackness of the feces may be caused by digested blood. Here you can not do without a specialist! Run to the vet! The sooner the doctor determines the cause and begins treatment, the less terrible the consequences will be.

So, let’s sum up. The color of your puppy’s poop depends on factors such as: diet, environment, medications, and food supplements. If you know that the darkening of the stool is caused, for example, by an iron supplement, then you should not worry. The useful item caused a color change. But, if you suspect that the changes are caused by a health problem, it is best to contact your veterinarian. Do not delay the visit, the sooner treatment begins, the less your friend will suffer.
That’s all. Take care of your pets! Watch their poop and don’t get sick!

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