You know, I used to think that having a puppy was all fun and games. But then I realized that “fun” is just a euphemism for “cleaning up pee”.
It’s like my puppy has a PhD in peeing. He’s got a degree in urine-nomics.

My puppy’s bladder is like a bottomless pit. I swear, I could take him out every hour on the hour, and he’d still find a way to pee on my shoes.
You know what they say: a watched puppy never pees. But the second you turn your back, BAM, there’s a puddle on the floor. It’s like they have some sort of sixth sense for when you’re not paying attention.
what’s the deal with puppies peeing so much? I mean, seriously, do they have tiny little bladders or something? Maybe they just really love the smell of the great outdoors. Or maybe they’re just marking their territory everywhere they go, like a furry little conquistador. But let’s be real, puppies pee so much, they make me feel like a camel in the Sahara. I mean, who needs eight glasses of water a day when you can just have a puppy pee on your carpet? And don’t even get me started on the whole “accident” thing. It’s like, “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to pee on your favorite rug, I was just really excited to see you.” Yeah, right. I’m pretty sure my puppy is just trolling me at this point. But hey, at least I can rest easy knowing that my puppy’s bladder is getting a great workout. Who needs CrossFit when you can just have a furry little pee machine in your house?

So, why do puppies pee so much? One possibility is that they’re just really bad at holding it in. I mean, let’s be honest, puppies aren’t exactly known for their self-control. Maybe they just get so excited that they forget they even have a bladder. Or maybe they just really love the feeling of a fresh patch of grass on their undercarriage.

Another possibility is that puppies are just trying to mark their territory. I mean, if I had a tail, I’d probably be wagging it all over the place too. Maybe they’re just trying to establish dominance over the neighborhood, one pee at a time.
But in all seriousness, there could be some health reasons why your puppy is peeing so much. It could be a urinary tract infection, or even something more serious like diabetes. So, if you’re concerned about your puppy’s frequent urination, it’s always a good idea to take them to the vet for a checkup.

In the meantime, just remember that a puppy’s bladder is like a ticking time bomb. You never know when it’s going to go off. So, keep some paper towels handy, and try to appreciate the little moments in life, even if they involve cleaning up pee.

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