Have you ever wondered why your beloved pup is snoring so loud? Sometimes much more louder than you do. Well, it turns out that there are a few reasons why our furry friends make these peculiar noises.

First of all, snoring is caused by the vibration of the soft palate and the uvula, which is the small piece of tissue that hangs down from the back of the throat. Yes, I know that these words sound like alien’s vocabulary but let me seem a Clever Dick. In some dogs, the uvula may vibrate more than normal, which can cause them to snore. Not just to snore, but to snore so loud, that you can’t believe that you funny little puppy produce that sound.

Another reason why your pup may be snoring is because of the size and shape of their nasal passages, oh yes again these strange words. If your dog has a short snout, or a large tongue, then this can cause the airways to be more constricted, resulting in snoring.

Snoring can also be caused by being overweight, as extra weight can cause the airways to become more constricted. So if your pup has a few extra pounds on them, it may be worth considering putting them on a diet, on apples and carrots for example.
People can be frightened by puppies snoring if it is loud and unexpected.
There are some funny examples of that. The puppies can be so tired from playing that they take a nap. As they are snoring away, their owners hear a loud, rumbling noise coming from their room. They can’t understand who is snoring and go to investigate, they can think that it could be thieves, and they are shocked to find the puppies snoring away. The owners laugh and thank God that it’s just little funny furry creatures.
Some puppies may even snore in their sleep, which can be quite startling and alarming if you’re not expecting it. Additionally, puppies can also be startled by their own snoring if it is loud enough to wake them up. In these cases, some puppies may become scared or agitated, so it is important to provide them with comfort and reassurance.

Finally, snoring can also be caused by the age of your pup. In this case we’d better say grand-dogs. Older dogs may have weaker neck muscles, which can cause the soft palate to relax and vibrate more.

So, next time you hear your pup snoring, don’t panic! These peculiar noises are perfectly normal and are just a sign that your pup is getting some much needed rest. But you can make a video of funny snoring of your dog or record the sound to make jokes.

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