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Oooh, hello! Today I am very sad, I almost cry. The fact is that before going to you, I paid attention to my dog and noticed such sadness in his eyes! I couldn’t resist and lay down in front of him. We lay like that for about five minutes and looked at each other. The longer this went on, the sadder I became. That’s why I came to you today, so sad. I know that everything is fine with my friend and his sad look is not a mystery to me. But, I will try to explain to you why your dog is sad with the help of science.

And so, the first, not very scientific explanation for the sad look of your pet. When you stand in front of a standing dog, who is taller? Yes you. Now look at your friend’s face. Round eyes, raised eyebrows and a look from the bottom up. Here is the first explanation. The structure of the dog’s muzzle, and the difference in position (up-down). In this case, we will not worry, but simply scratch our friend behind the ear.
Now let’s check if we should be worried or not. The dog is sad for a long time. Let’s pat ourselves on the knee, or make another gesture inviting you to walk or play. If the dog cheered up and ran up to you – everything is ok. But if he sluggishly responds to your call, you should be wary. This means that there are more serious reasons for dog sadness.

And so, we were concerned. To begin with, let’s analyze our day: how much time and attention do we devote to our friend? The reason for his sadness may be precisely the lack of communication with you. Dogs are social animals and lack of attention from their owners causes them deep sadness. This is easy to fix – more communication, joint walks and games. And if this does not help, consider another reason – nutrition. Many brands of dog food are high in carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain. Perhaps your pet has difficulty moving, which is why he is so lethargic and sad. It is worth more carefully approaching the selection of food and diet. Oh, look, our furry friend has cheered up!

And here is another reason for sadness – a predisposition to depression. Some breeds of dogs are known to be more prone to it than others. For example, these are bulldogs, greyhounds, chihua-huas. If your puppy belongs to one of these breeds, here is an explanation for his sadness. Finally, the environment has a big impact on your friend’s mood. If your friend lives in a cramped, cluttered space, chances are they will feel overwhelmed and sad.
So, take a closer look at your friend’s lifestyle, make sure he gets as much love, attention and care as he needs. This is how you will help your puppy to stay happy and healthy for a long time, to please you and enjoy himself.
Goodbye friends, see you soon!

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