What didn’t you expect? Especially considering that the puppy’s teeth are small and sharp as needles and will dig deeper and deeper into your skin. Do you think he wants to eat you? Not at all, and we will deal with it now.
As always with dogs, there is more than one reason. And, believe me, by the fact that he gnaws at you, he expresses his boundless love and devotion. And, yet, the puppy himself receives great pleasure and a sense of security from this process. Why so?

Remember how you chose your pet from the litter? How did the puppies behave when they played with each other? Very often they bit and gnawed any parts of the body of their sisters and brothers, and biting their mother is the most pleasant thing.
According to recent studies, when a puppy chews on its relatives, or owner, it releases hormones associated with a sense of security, serenity. The release of oxytocin and dopamine in his brain creates a feeling of satisfaction and security. The pain threshold in dogs is much higher than in humans. But the puppy does not know about this, and treats you like a next of kin. Appreciate it, you are now relatives!

And now remember that once, a very long time ago, a dog was a wolf. And wolves live in packs. In a flock, of course, not everyone is equal. Gnawing on his brother, the wolf showed his dominant position. Your puppy has no pack but you. And, of course, it is he, your pet, who should become the leader of his little pack. Naturally, you need to respond to such a manifestation of love calmly and with understanding. However, the older the puppy, the more painful the biting. Therefore, if you are in pain, you need to explain to him that you can’t do this. Over time, he will stop biting you, but, believe me, even in adulthood, a dog can come up to you, take your hand in his mouth and bite very gently. Nature!

So why are you being bitten? From boundless love and devotion! This is a sign not only of affection, but of gratitude to you, for the fact that you love him and live in the same pack. Appreciate this manifestation of feelings, because they come from primitive times. So, the next time your pet starts chewing on you, don’t be scared, take a moment and pet him. After all, such moments are one of the most beautiful things associated with a dog!
That’s all for today. Until the next meeting with a new topic.

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