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Hello everyone! Today we will try to understand the question: “Why does my dog bark so much?”
Well, probably, the first thought is that he is a wild and angry beast! Now he’s attacking me!

But in fact, barking is a way of interacting with others, like our speech with you, only simpler. Let’s look at a few examples of the causes of a dog barking.
Getting attention: When you want to eat a piece of sausage that your brother eats, you will ask him for this piece with a simple phrase – “Let me try, please.” And the dog can’t talk. He will sit in front of you, faithfully look into your eyes and, after sitting like that for a minute, will bark loudly. Well, there are still a whole bunch of reasons when the dog wants to call you.

Disappointment: In this case, your pet will most likely not only bark, but also howl. Put yourself in his place: You were promised a long, fun walk, but instead, they went for a walk without you, and even accidentally closed them in the house. What are you going to do? Of course, express your disappointment, resentment with a loud bark, and, if it’s insulting to tears, still howl.
Excitement: Your dog loves to play with a ball. You throw the ball to her, she runs after it, takes it in her teeth and carries it back to you. You pick up the ball and pretend to throw it. The dog is confused. Looks at you, waiting for a throw. All repeats. Of course, he is worried about whether the game will continue and … barks!

Danger: The dog is a very devoted friend. “There is no creature of a loyal dog.” Seeing, hearing or feeling danger, the dog, first of all, must notify the owner about this. He can signal danger with his loud barking.
Fright: Your friend decided to play a joke on you. Imperceptibly approached you from behind and loudly clapped his hands. Your reaction is a short scream. So the dog expresses his fear. After all, your pet may be afraid of big and noisy cars, sharp and loud sounds, even other animals. Here’s another reason to vote.

Good mood: Imagine that some event has happened to you, from which you are simply overwhelmed with pleasant feelings. Naturally, you want to tell the whole world about it. And, often, people do just that: in social networks, in a public place. So the dog expresses his feelings, in such a situation, with a loud, joyful bark.
There are many reasons for a dog to bark. In most cases, especially if your dog is talkative, this is not a cause for concern, but an extra reason to smile and give your friend more attention. Spend a few extra minutes with him, enjoying communication with him.

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