Hello, hello, hello! Woof, woof, woof! Yes, it’s me again and today I’m barking at you! A frequent case when two or more dogs meet. Of course, we are not dogs, so my woof is hello!
As you guessed, the topic of today’s conversation about dogs is why they bark at each other. Let’s figure it out. It was no coincidence that I barked at you at the beginning of the conversation. Dogs, like people, are all different in temperament and character. And one of the reasons may be her unwillingness to communicate with her own kind either at the moment or constantly – due to the fact that her character is “unsociable”. With such barking, the dog simply warns the opponent – do not come, I do not want to communicate.

Like humans, our pets have such a thing as dominance. Thus, each of the individuals, with its barking, tries to show and establish which of them is in charge. Everything is like people! Often, during a dispute, the interlocutors raise their voices – whoever barks louder is right! It doesn’t really help us though. Also, a dog can bark to warn a possible threat from a fellow met, or, conversely, to attract his attention.

How to express your emotions? We cry out in joy or in pain. Our furry friends express their emotions by barking. After all, dogs also experience excitement, fear, pain, joy. Depending on what feelings the pet experiences, its barking also changes. Have you heard how the dog barks menacingly and then growls softly? It is he who warns the approaching stranger – do not come near. And with what sonorous and joyful barking does he meet you on the threshold of the house? Noticeable difference, right?

Finally, barking is a way of communicating. We communicate with each other through words and gestures. Dogs – through body language and barking. And yet, by barking, the dog lets other dogs know that he is nearby.
Finally – dogs, are they the most social creatures? No. Their social development largely depends on the owner. From the nature of the pet, of course, too. I had a Spanish mastiff named Zhenis. All his life he could not calmly pass by a dog of the same or larger size. He both barked and rushed into battle in silence. Because of this, my best friend spent all walks in the city on a leash, unlike many other brothers who are more socially adapted. Unfortunately, we noticed this character trait of our Zhenis late and could not re-educate him. Only in his old age he became more calm, and I could not squeeze his leash so tightly.
Here, perhaps, are all theories about the cause of dogs barking at each other. It was nice talking to you about this! Bow-wow!
That is: Goodbye, and have a nice day!

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