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Hi all! We are together again, and today we will talk about why my dog barks at me. Well, in a sense, not mine, but yours, and not on me, but on you. Or maybe not bark, but what if it happens? We have already discussed this topic, but it seems to me that it is worth summarizing the scientific facts that were voiced during the last discussion of the topic.

So. Barking is the main way your pet communicates with you. An opportunity to draw your attention to yourself or a situation. The reasons are very different – from the desire to eat, to the message of the threat. In short, barking is a conversation and, as in a conversation, can vary in intonation, volume, and frequency. Everything is like ours.

Your friend lacks love and affection – Woof, woof, woof! He calls you, asks you to play, take a walk, just be around and talk. Talk to him, he is a very attentive listener and will never interrupt you.
Dogs have very keen hearing and sense of smell. You may not notice anything, but your friend felt threatened and is in a hurry to warn you. Rather, look around, then praise him for his vigilance. He tried not for himself, but for you!
Maybe the puppy is scared by something, he is afraid of something. Your pet may be afraid of big and noisy cars, sharp and loud sounds, even other animals. Here’s another reason to vote. Calm him down, caress him, try to show the puppy that this threateningly growling car standing on the side of the road is not at all scary. When he understands this and calms down, he will bark less often and for a more important reason.

And now, do you hear a cheerful and sonorous barking? Your puppy is overwhelmed with positive emotions! How else can he express his joy at an unplanned ball game in the clearing? The owner is nearby, playing with him, space and freedom!

Shall we summarize? Barking is a dog’s way of communicating. Your puppy is your best friend. Friendship is a difficult thing, but a friend needs to be respected, to show attention to him, care. Of course, you can not ignore the appeal of a friend to you. If your pet barks at you, that’s important. Listen and look closely, try to understand what they are trying to tell you. Give him attention and time – show respect for a friend. Be like your friend – considerate, loving, devoted, caring. Friendship is happiness. Be happy with your pet!

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