Hi all! I thought that today I will not come to you. The fact is that when I cut off a large piece of meat for breakfast, I cut my finger. I screamed and dropped to my knees. I was hurt and embarrassed! My dog came running and licked, first, my face, and then … reached for the cut finger! There was blood and I was scared! I thought that if he licked my blood, a wild beast would wake up in him and my pet would devour me!
Did you believe? That’s right, no. I was joking. Although such situations happen often, and we will definitely talk about it now.

We know that dogs love us unconditionally! As we show concern for them, so they seek to show their concern for us. Remember I said my dog licked my face first? It was he who showed his gratitude, as if he reassured me: do not cry, everything will be fine. The fact that he reached for the wound showed his concern for me even more. The fact is that licking – licking the wound is based on scientifically based facts! When a dog licks, endorphins are released, which are a natural pain reliever, and the tongue has a natural cooling effect. In addition, dog saliva has antibacterial properties, which prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria in the wound.

The natural cooling effect of the dog’s tongue also helps to reduce swelling and discomfort at the injury site. Your friend’s long and wet tongue effectively cools and soothes the area around the wound. The proteins and enzymes found in dog saliva are very helpful in the healing process. Thus, having experienced moments of pain from a wound, you, together with your pet, experience relief and a sense of satisfaction from the care shown by your friend, from communication with each other. Don’t forget – by licking your wound, the puppy gets a sense of satisfaction and security. After all, endorphins are not only in his saliva, but also in his body. He is always happy to help you!

As a result of our scientific research, we saw that I was needlessly frightened at the beginning of our conversation. I hope that if such a trouble happens to you, you will allow your friend to provide first aid, although not medical, but natural and effective! And don’t push him away when you feel better. Spend more time with him hugging, allowing him to lick not only your wound, but also your face. Not only you, but also your friend gets pleasure. Extra time for pleasant communication is never superfluous!
And so, we’re done. I wish you to get hurt as little as possible, but that your friend is always there! You will always help each other, even in such moments.

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