Buy your favourite mattress with interest free monthly payments option

Good sleep is the most important thing for maintaining a healthy life. Lack of sleep may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure etc. If you didn’t sleep properly at night then the mattress may also be a problem. So it’s time to change your mattress. If the age of your mattress is more than five years then there will be a sag in the middle and cause some disturbance in sleeping. Don’t worry about buying the new mattress because many shops will provide you interest free monthly payments. So you can buy the best without worrying about the cost of the bed.

Coming to the product type, you may be a little confused to choose which is the best. Here are some types of mattress and its description of it. In common there are eight types of mattress,

  • Memory foam.
  • Gel.
  • Inner spring.
  • Pillow top.
  • Water bed.
  • Air bed.
  • Latex mattress.
  • Adjustable bases.

Memory foam: Memory foam mattresses are suitable for side sleepers. If you are in search of a bed with support and comfort then a memory foam mattress is the best choice. It will give support to your shoulder and hip for side sleepers while sleeping. Another advantage is it consists of several layers so there won’t be a chance of producing sag in the middle of the bed.

Gel: Gel is added in addition to the foam mattress as upholstery or system support. But gel mattresses produce heat more than foam mattresses. While choosing you should confirm which will be comfortable for you.

Pillow tops: Sleepers who don’t like gel and memory foam mattresses can choose this type. This is used as an addition to upholstery on the top layer of the bed. Pillow tops are very soft and cushioned so you will feel like sinking in this type. In this type you can customize the softness or cushion based on your comfort.

Inner spring: Inner spring will be in the form of metal springs as an internal support. The quality of support can be determined based on the coil used for designing. This type of mattress is comfortable for back and tummy sleepers.

Water bed: In water bed water is used as a primary system and consists of a rectangular chamber padded with upholstery material. This wave is created while moving and will be more comfortable for back sleepers.

Latex mattress: This uses latex as a primary material instead of foam inside the bed. This does not produce heat while sleeping.

Adjustable bases: This type of bed is mostly used for sick people. In this type they can adjust the head position based on the need.

Air bed: Air bed is same as the water bed in this air plays a primary support with adjustable upholstery system. This bed is used mostly by the back sleepers.

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